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What are the reasons why cell phone battery bulge, when we must replace the phone battery? Follow up We Accessory’s Suggest

Bulging mobile phone battery is a relatively common phenomenon, usually caused by the gas produced by chemical reactions inside the battery. Although sometimes the battery bulge will not have a significant impact on the normal use of the phone, we still recommend replacing the battery as soon as possible because the bulge may affect the battery capacity and safety.

First, let’s know about the reasons why cell phone battery bulge. Generally speaking, after a period of use, phone battery will produce gas due to internal chemical reactions. These gases may accumulate inside the battery, causing it to bulge. In addition, if there are quality problems inside the battery, such as defective battery core or failure of the battery protection plate, it may also cause the battery to bulge. When the cell phone battery is bulging, the mobile battery may still be able to provide power, but its safety has been greatly reduced. Therefore, We Accessory strongly recommend not to continue using a bulging mobile phone battery.

So what are the dangers of a bulging cell phone battery? First of all, bulging will affect the capacity and safety of the battery. Because the battery has undergone a chemical reaction, it becomes more swollen. If this expansion exceeds the limit that the battery can withstand, it may cause the battery to rupture or explode, thus posing a safety risk. The shape of the bulging battery may change, which may cause the battery to be unable to be installed properly inside the phone, causing pressure on other parts of the phone. It may also cause the phone casing to deform, affecting the appearance and use experience of the phone. In addition, if the battery bulge causes the battery capacity to decrease, it may also affect the use time of the mobile phone.

In addition to bulging, what phenomena in the battery mean that we must replace the mobile phone battery? Here are some common signals:

1. The phone suddenly shuts down: If the phone suddenly shuts down while it has power, this may be a sign of battery failure, because the battery is not working properly.

2. Mobile phone overheating: If the mobile phone often overheats during use, the chemical reaction inside the battery will be unbalanced, resulting in the generation of heat.

3. Difficulty charging the cell phone: If the mobile phone often cannot be fully charged, or the charging speed is significantly slower, the battery cannot receive power normally.

4. The battery life of the phone is significantly reduced: If the battery life of the phone is significantly reduced, the battery cannot provide enough power, even if you have adjusted the settings of the phone to save power.

In order to ensure the safety and normal use of your mobile, if you find that phone has bulged, you should immediately stop using the battery and replace it as soon as possible. Secondly, if you find that the battery capacity of your cell phone has dropped significantly, or the usage time of your mobile phone has been significantly shortened, you also need to consider replacing the battery. In addition, if the mobile battery is overcharged or overdischarged, it may cause damage to the battery and needs to be replaced in time.

In order to ensure the safe use of mobile phone battery, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points in daily use: Do not leave your mobile phone in a high temperature environment for a long time to avoid overcharging or overdischarging. In addition, it is best to use the original charger and data cable to charge the phone to ensure the safety and stability of charging. We also need to pay attention to our daily usage habits and charging methods.