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How to choose best back housing for your mobile phone? Follow We Accessory’s step

As an important part of cell phone, the back housing not only protects the internal parts, but also affects the appearance and feel of the mobile phone to a great extent. However, faced with the dazzling array of mobile back housing on the market, how should we choose, and what factors need to be considered?

1. Material: The material of the back housing of the mobile phone directly affects the appearance and feel of the mobile phone. Currently, the back covers on the market are mainly made of plastic, metal and glass. The plastic back housing is light and low-cost, but has poor durability; the metal back cover is strong and wear-resistant, but heavy; the glass back cover is beautiful and feels good, but is fragile. Therefore, we need to choose the right material according to our needs and preferences.

2. Color: The back housing color is also an important factor that we need to consider. Generally speaking, we should choose a back cover that is similar in color to the main body of the phone to maintain overall coordination. In addition, we can also choose different colors according to the season and clothing matching.

3. Size: The size of the back housing must exactly match the size of the main body of the mobile, otherwise it cannot be installed.

4. Brand and price: Brand and price are also factors we need to consider when choosing a phone back housing. Generally speaking, the quality of back covers from well-known brands is more guaranteed, but the price is also relatively high. Some mobile phone brands may provide official and original mobile back covers, while some third-party manufacturers may also provide back housing suitable for various mobile phone models. Therefore, we need to choose the right brand and price according to our budget.

5. The protective performance of the back housing is also one of the factors that needs to be considered. Some mobile phone back covers have better anti-slip, shockproof, waterproof and other functions, while others are more ordinary. When choosing, you need to choose the appropriate protective performance according to your own use environment and needs.

6. It is necessary to consider the ease of removal and installation of the back cover. Some phone back housing are relatively simple and easy to remove and can be easily replaced, while others are more complex and require certain skills and tools.

When replacing the back housing of a mobile phone, we mainly need to consider the following factors:

1. Tools: Replacing the back housing requires some special tools, such as suction cups, screwdrivers, etc. If we don't have these tools, we may need to find a professional mobile phone repairman to replace it.

2. Skills: Replacing the back cover phone requires certain skills. If we are not familiar with this process, it may cause damage to the phone or the back cover will not be securely installed. Therefore, if we do not have enough skills, it is best to find a professional mobile phone repairman to replace it.

3. Warranty: If our phone is still under warranty, replacing the back cover with a non-original one may void the warranty. Therefore, before replacing the back cover of the mobile phone, we need to understand the warranty policy of the mobile phone.