Mobile accessories exporters screen protector Samsung S23 unlocking fingerprint

Price: 0.44-0.49USD

Min Order Quantity:30pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

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Mobile accessories exporters screen protector Samsung S23 unlocking fingerprint


Unit price: 0.44-0.49USD

Min Order Quantity: 30pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


it should be noted that although the tempered glass has a certain degree of resistance to falling and wear, its thickness is increased compared to the mobile phone screen itself. This may cause the touch and holding experience of the phone to be affected in some cases. In addition, although the iphone 11 pro max camera protector can effectively protect the screen from damage such as scratches and chipping, there is still a certain risk of chipping when subjected to a large impact. Therefore, when choosing to use galaxy s10 plus screen protector, we should also pay attention to using mobile phones rationally to avoid overexposure to potential dangers.


To sum up, as a common protection tool, full cover screen protector Samsung S23 plays an important role in protecting mobile phone screens from scratches, scrapes and impacts. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, certain drop resistance and oleophobic and hydrophobic properties, which can effectively extend the service life of mobile phones. However, we also need to pay attention to factors such as the thickness of the oneplus 10t screen protector and the risk of fragmentation, use it rationally and choose the product that suits you.


Mobile phone oneplus 7t tempered glass, samsung note 10 plus screen protector attached to the screen of a mobile phone, has become one of the essential accessories mobile phone users. Its main function is to prevent the mobile phone screen from being damaged by scratches, scratches, impacts, etc. The following will introduce the functions and characteristics of mobile phone screen protector in detail from four aspects.


First of all, the 9h hardness for mobile phones can effectively prevent scratches on the mobile phone screen. The surface of the screen protector has been specially treated to have high hardness and wear resistance, and can resist damage to the mobile phone screen from scratches, friction and other external forces in daily use.


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