Samsung silicone case manufacturers S23 shatterproof 2in1 transparent case

Price: 0.54-0.59USD

Min Order Quantity:30

Supply Ability: 5,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Samsung silicone case manufacturers S23 shatterproof 2in1 transparent case

Price: 0.54-0.59USD
Min Order Quantity: 30pcs
Supply Ability: 5,000pcs per day
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

We Accessory proudly launches a new environmentally friendly material for mobile phone protection - the Samsung Galaxy S23 acrylic 2-in-1 anti-shock transparent mobile phone case. This phone case will provide the strongest and most personalized protection for your phone, giving you added peace of mind when using your phone.


This mobile phone case is based on the concept of environmental protection and is made of advanced environmentally friendly materials acrylic (Lucite) and transparent TPU materials. Acrylic is a high-quality, strong and environmentally friendly material with high light transmittance and wear resistance, allowing your phone to maintain its original clarity and color. The transparent TPU material makes the edge of the phone case softer, effectively preventing the phone from being impacted when accidentally dropped.


What's even more surprising is that the four corners of the phone case are specially designed with anti-fall airbags, which will provide an extra layer of protection for your phone. Even if your phone is accidentally dropped, the anti-fall airbag can effectively absorb the impact and ensure that your phone is safe and sound.


In addition, the precise hole position is also a major feature of this phone case. We carefully design to ensure that every charging and microphone hole position is accurate. In this way, you don’t have to worry about any obstruction when using your phone, whether it’s charging, making calls or recording.


Overall, this Samsung Galaxy S23 Acrylic 2-in-1 Anti-Shock Transparent Phone Case is your phone’s best companion. It's durable, eco-friendly and personalized, perfectly adapting to your pace of life and taste. Whether you use it in daily life or carry it during outdoor activities, this phone case will provide the most comprehensive protection for your phone.


Choosing this phone accessories from We Accessory means choosing peace of mind, environmental protection and individuality. This is not just a product we provide you, but also a life attitude and responsibility. We believe that only the highest quality products can win your trust and loyalty. So, we put all our effort into creating this phone case just to cartor to your test.

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