Best Smartphone Case Wholesale distributor Samsung Galaxy S20 Shockproof Case

Price: 0.64-0.74USD

Min Order Quantity:30pcs

Supply Ability: 2,000pcs per day

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Best smartphone case wholesale distributor Samsung Galaxy S20 Slim Shatterproof Case

FOB Price: 0.64-0.74USD
Min Order Quantity: 30
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Product Feature:

1.high quality TPU matetial, without any toxic ingredient.
4.soft silicone surface feels better.

2. 360 degree full body protection.
3.raised lip 1.0mm for camera protection.
5.anti slip design, shockproof, protect your smartphone against shatter
6.sensitive button, perfect fit phone
7.China wholesale price smartphone case, fast delivery.

Specification of Samsung galaxy s20 shatterproof case

Carbon fiber Samsung galaxy s20 phone case is a high-performance, high-quality mobile phone protection accessory made of an advanced material called carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a fiber material with high strength, low density, high stiffness and high thermal conductivity. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sports equipment and other fields. In recent years, with the development of technology and the increase in consumer demand for mobile phone protection, carbon fiber mobile phone cases have gradually become a popular product in the mobile phone protection market.


The main advantages of Samsung galaxy s20 carbon fiber case are as follows:

1. High strength: The strength of carbon fiber material is 5 times that of steel, 4 times that of aluminum alloy, and 3 times that of titanium alloy. Therefore, carbon fiber case Samsung galaxy s20 have extremely high impact resistance and bending resistance, and can effectively protect mobile phones from damage caused by accidental drops, collisions, etc.

2. Lightweight: The density of carbon fiber materials is only 1.5g/cm³, which is much lower than traditional metal materials such as steel and aluminum alloys. This makes the carbon fiber phone case very light in weight while maintaining high strength, without adding too much burden to the phone.

3. Good heat dissipation performance: The thermal conductivity of carbon fiber material is very excellent, its thermal conductivity is 3 times that of copper and 4 times that of aluminum. Therefore, the carbon fiber mobile phone case can effectively conduct the heat inside the mobile phone to the outside, reduce the working temperature of the mobile phone and extend the service life of the mobile phone.

More detail picture for Samsung S20 shatterproof phone case:

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