iPhone 11 Pro screen engineering curved display phone replacment spares

Price: 8.5-9.5USD

Min Order Quantity:5pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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iPhone 11 Pro screen engineering curved display phone replacment spares


Unit price: 8.5-9.5USD

Min Order Quantity: 5pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


The OLED best display phone uses the principle of self-illumination. Each pixel can emit light independently without relying on backlight. Therefore, OLED display phones under 15000 have an advantage in contrast, which can theoretically reach infinity and can easily reach 100,000:1 in practice. At the same time, OLED screens also have the advantages of wide viewing angle, low power consumption and high response rate.


Secondly, LCD screens and OLED screens also have different display principles. The iPhone 11 Pro screen LCD controls the degree of light transmission through the rotation of liquid crystal molecules to display images. The OLED screen uses current to drive organic materials to emit light to display images. Since each pixel of the OLED iPhone 6 screen can emit light independently, the brightness and color of each pixel can be more precisely controlled, thereby providing a higher-quality image display.


In addition, there are some differences in performance characteristics between LCD redmi note 8 and OLED screens. First, LCD screens are generally thin and lightweight, making them suitable for larger devices such as televisions and computer monitors. OLED biggest phone screen 2022 are more suitable for small-sized devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Secondly, LCD screens perform better in terms of brightness and color saturation, and are suitable for application scenarios that require high brightness and vivid colors. OLED screens have more advantages in contrast and black performance, and are suitable for application scenarios that require high contrast and true black. Finally, because each pixel of the OLED double screen phone can emit light independently, more flexible screen designs can be achieved, such as curved screens and folding screens.


To sum up, there are some differences between LCD screens and OLED screens in terms of backlight sources, display principles, and performance characteristics.


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