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iPhone cover wholesale suppliers 15 diamond silicone case glitter case

Price: 1.12-1.21USD

Min Order Quantity:30pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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iPhone cover wholesale suppliers 15 diamond silicone case glitter case


Unit price: 1.12-1.21USD

Min Order Quantity: 30pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


We Accessory Leading the trend with innovative creativity, we have created a statement that is exclusive to iPhone 15 - a brilliant diamond magsafe case. This product is not only an armor to protect your phone, but also a fashion label that shows your unique charm and attitude towards life, allowing each iPhone 15 to shine with unique artistic light in the technological jungle.


We subvert tradition and use the most cutting-edge environmentally friendly TPU material. The fully transparent design is as pure and translucent as clear lake water, presenting the original beauty of iPhone 15 without reservation, giving it a light touch and visual enjoyment like a bare metal. At the same time, it adheres to the principles of green ecology and rejects any toxic ingredients, allowing you to keep abreast of the pulse of trends and your persistent pursuit of a healthy life.


The soul of this phone case is the synthetic diamonds inlaid on the edges and magnetic parts. These shining elves, carefully crafted with precision craftsmanship, sparkle charmingly in the sunlight, like the brightest stars in the night sky, giving your iPhone 15 a dreamy and luxurious coat, giving it a unique personality.


Not only that, we know that practicality and beauty are equally important. Therefore, this phone case cleverly incorporates a non-slip design. With its unique texture structure, it can be held firmly even if your palms are slightly sweaty or the surface is smooth, ensuring that your iPhone 15 is safe and sound. The accurately reserved charging holes, speaker holes and other details all reflect the humanized design concept, making every wireless charging and call easy.


In short, the iPhone 15 sparkling diamond magnetic case, a individual phone accessories, and also it is a gorgeous feast intertwining technology and art, practicality and aesthetics. It uses innovative thinking and exquisite craftsmanship to interpret the perfect fusion of personalization and high-end quality. Choosing this phone case distributors from We Accessory means choosing to make your iPhone 15 as dazzling as a pearl.


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