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Apple iPhone 13 case engineering magsafe case metal paint electroplated case

Price: 0.74-0.82USD

Min Order Quantity:20pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Apple iPhone 13 case engineering magsafe case metal paint electroplated case


Unit price: 0.74-0.82USD

Min Order Quantity: 20pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


In recent years, there have been many types of mobile phone cases with unique designs. Among them, metal paint electroplated iPhone 13 magsafe phone case have been loved by consumers because of their unique design and practicality.


iPhone 13 magsafe metal paint electroplated case is a phone case that combines fashion, practicality and innovation. It is made of TPU material and softly wraps the phone to protect it from scratches and collisions from the outside world. At the same time, the elasticity of the TPU material makes the button operation more flexible, the size is precise, and the installation and removal are very convenient.


The biggest feature of this iPhone 13 magsafe case is its metal paint plating design. The metal paint plating process makes the surface of the phone magsafe case smooth and bright, like a mirror. Whether it is gold or silver, it can sparkle in the sun and is very eye-catching. This design not only increases the ornamental value of the mobile phone case, but also makes the iPhone 13 phone case more decorative, which can meet the needs of consumers pursuing personalization.


In addition, the metal paint electroplated magsafe iPhone 13 phone case also has a magnetic charging function. This is achieved by embedding a magnetic charging ring into the phone case. As long as a mobile phone that supports wireless charging is brought close to the magnetic charging ring, it will automatically attract and start charging. No need to plug in the wire, and the operation is simple and convenient. This design not only solves the trouble of plugging and unplugging wires in traditional charging methods, but also avoids the problem of interface damage caused by frequent plugging and unplugging.


Metallic paint electroplated iPhone 13 magsafe phone case are also very affordable.


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