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iPhone 15 phone case produce magsafe case best quality liquid silicone case

Price: 0.71-0.81USD

Min Order Quantity:30pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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iPhone 15 phone case produce magsafe case best quality liquid silicone case


Unit price: 0.71-0.81USD

Min Order Quantity: 30pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


This kind of silicone phone case feels better and is comfortable to hold; it has a certain degree of elasticity and shock resistance, which reduces the impact of the phone when it falls. As time goes by, the silicone magsafe case remains young and does not age easily. In addition to the above advantages, it also has environmentally friendly properties.


In order to improve the waterproof function, the liquid silicone iPhone 15 case adopts a fully wrapped structure design to provide all-round protection for the mobile phone. The silicone material can better isolate moisture and prevent water droplets from entering the inside of the phone. Moreover, the liquid silicone case is easier to clean, and it is also very safe and can meet food-grade requirements, which is unmatched by other mobile phone cases.


In addition, there is a flannel cushion inside iPhone 15 liquid silicone magsafe case to make the phone fit more closely. It also has high precision, is accurate in size, matches various types of mobile phones, and can be used for a long time without deformation. This case is also equipped with a magnetic charging ring to achieve true wireless charging. You only need to place the case close to the wireless charger to complete the charging process, which greatly simplifies the use steps.


The liquid silicone magsafe iPhone 15 has a variety of color options, so you can choose freely according to your personal preferences and style. Whether you want a simple, classic black case or a warm, lively pink case, we can satisfy you.


In short, the silicone magsafe phone case for iPhone 15 can not only protect the phone safely, but also take into account people's pursuit of appearance and convenience. I believe this will be a satisfactory phone case choice.


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