Customized mobile cover distributor Huawei Y7P transparent case silicone case

Price: 0.19-0.24USD

Min Order Quantity:50pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Customized mobile cover distributor Huawei Y7P transparent case silicone case


Unit price: 0.19-0.24USD

Min Order Quantity: 50pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


Huawei Y7P clear TPU case can also improve your usage experience. Due to the soft texture of the transparent TPU mobile phone case, you can feel the texture and feel of the phone when you hold it. This feels natural and comfortable, making using your phone more enjoyable. In addition, the transparent Huawei Y7P phone case can also reduce the size and weight of the mobile phone, making the mobile phone more lightweight and portable. Whether you are traveling or working in the office, you can easily carry your phone with you.


Furthermore, the transparent TPU phone case for Huawei Y7P also helps to improve the stability of the mobile phone. Some mobile phone cases may affect the heat dissipation performance of the phone due to its tight sealing, causing the phone to overheat. However, mobile phone cases made of transparent TPU material do not have this problem. Its breathability is very good, making it easier for the phone to dissipate heat during use and ensuring the stable performance of the phone.


Finally, let’s talk about the cost of Huawei Y7P transparent TPU cases. Compared with mobile phone cases made of other materials such as metal and ceramics, the cost of transparent TPU mobile phone cases is lower. This is because the production cost of TPU materials is low, and the production process is simple and does not require complicated processing procedures. Therefore, the price of transparent Huawei Y7P case is relatively low, making it affordable to more people.


In general, Huawei Y7P clear case have become the first choice for many people to choose mobile phone protective cases because of their beauty, practicality and economy. It can not only maintain the original design and appearance of the mobile phone, making the mobile phone look more beautiful and fashionable, but also improve your usage experience and make you more enjoyable when using the mobile phone.


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