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Type C car charger produce USB charger C20 bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Charger

Price: 2.4-2.6USD

Min Order Quantity:30pcs

Supply Ability: 20,000pcs per day

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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Type C car charger produce USB charger C20 bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Charger


Unit price: 2.4-2.6USD

Min Order Quantity: 30pcs

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


With the advancement of science and technology, the development of fast charging technology allows modern mobile phone chargers to fully charge devices in a short time, greatly improving our work efficiency and life convenience. The powerful power not only ensures charging speed, but also ensures that each device can receive sufficient power supply when multiple devices are charged at the same time.


Secondly, compact size and portability are also important features of modern USB car charger C20 blue tooth. Whether it is for business trips or daily use, we all hope that the charger can be light and easy to carry without adding to the burden of our luggage. Therefore, many chargers are designed to be very compact, and some even use folding prongs to make it easier for us to carry them around.


However, fast charging speed and small size are not the only criteria to evaluate the quality of usb pd charger. Safety performance is also crucial. High-quality quick charge 4.0 charger are usually equipped with overload protection, overheating protection, and overcurrent protection devices, which can automatically cut off the power supply in abnormal situations such as excessive current, excessive temperature, or short circuit to prevent equipment damage and ensure user safety.


In addition, good heat dissipation performance is also an important indicator to measure the quality of 45w charger. The efficient heat dissipation design can ensure that the charger can maintain a suitable temperature after working for a long time, avoiding equipment damage or safety hazards caused by overheating. Some advanced hand crank phone charger will also use intelligent temperature control technology to automatically adjust the heat dissipation strategy according to the working status to further improve safety.


Finally, affordability is another important consideration for consumers when choosing dual usb charger. Although there are many high-end charger products on the market, most consumers prefer products with high cost performance.


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