Samsung S21 S30 tempered glass screen protector is available

2021, January 20

Samsung S21 S30 tempered glass is available. there are 2.5D tempered glass and 3D tempered glass. it can protect your Samsung S21 from scratches and chips.

* Full coverage tempered glass is ultra-thin (0.3mm), the screen protector does not affect the sensitivity of the sensor and does not slow down the response to user commands.

* Full coverage screen protector prevents scratches to the detriment of its appearance. The protective film itself becomes defective after two weeks of normal use. Safety glass still maintains an excellent appearance

* The high surface density of 9H glass, which protects your mobile device screen from most damage: chips, cracks, scratches. * The glossy surface has absolutely no color and does not affect the light transfer and color, as well as phone usage.

* Tempered glass will never protect your smartphone screen from being dropped. Screen replacement is quite expensive, so buying a protective glass saves your money and time.

* Tempered glass strictly matches the size and all necessary cutouts of the smartphone

* Easy gluing without any bubbles. Also easy to remove, so you can replace the screen protector by yourself (before use, carefully read the recommended installation steps on the package).

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