What is ceramic screen protector, is it the same with tempered glass

2020, December 18

As the ceramic screen protector is more popular, then weaccessory.com team receive mails from different customers. The most questions are what is ceramic screen protector? Is the same between ceramic screen protector and tempered glass screen film? Here are the comparison

About tempered glass screen protector, the characteristics are widely known. Such as, 9H hardness, 0.3mm thickness, 4-hours toughed time glass, bending angle more than 180 degrees, up to 97% clarity, plasma sputter anti-fingerprint coating, super adhesive glue, easy to install, no air bubble and so on

Then what is ceramic screen protector? Ceramic film is a kind of soft screen protector, its material isnt tempered glass, but the indestructible mixture of PMMA and PET. Strong elasticity and anti-collision structure maintains extreme durability, not easily deform or crack upon bending or knocked. Ceramic Screen Protector solves the problem of glass film being fragile in transportation, and provides a new idea of folding and rigidity. That's why the ceramic screen protector is more and more popular

Are there any common features between ceramic screen film and tempered glass? Of course, the most obvious is both them are with strong protection hardness, superior protection against bumps, drops, scratches, dust, scrapes and daily wear. They create a durable layer of protection that goes on clear and keeps your device looking newer, longer. Clear structure and the color development does not affect the visual effect and the original saturation.  Ultra slim, will not affect the touch sensitivity of the phone. Besides, both are with hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating, fingerprint and smudges resistant. At last but not the least, quick and easy application, electrostatic feature automatically pushes air outwards.

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