How the international trade is almost the most affected industry by COVID-19

2020, April 06

2020, all the world are impacted by the COVID-19, especially Chinese manufacturing industries. In February, the things what foreign customers worried about was, were you all safety, when would you delivery the goods, or can all the goods be ready on time? While in March, Chinese people resumed production and work, but we had to tell the customers how to protect them well, and asked them if the goods could be received on time, it's not a joke. Meanwhile, under the influence of COVID-19, many international flights were canceled, the shipping cost is much more expensive than before, while delivery time is longer. In a word, the international trade is the most affected industry.


In this case, what the exactness methods should be? team keep production continued as normal. The R&D department make more effect to make the products meet personalized customization service. And production line are tried to cut down the unnecessary cost, so that people could purchase the tempered glass screen protector and other mobile phone accessories in cheap, even the small order quantity. And the product quality will be under strict inspection by QC department. And the professional sales team not only help you to complete the order smoothly, and also be responsible for the timely after-sale service; of course, they also can help people find the right product as required  and offer the incomparable shopping experience


Attached the antiepidemic tips:

1) please try to reduce outdoor activities as much as possible and try to avoid going to crowded public areas.

2) Please have proper personal protection such as wearing a facial mask while going out.

3) Wash your hands frequently and open the window for ventilation at intervals.

4) When in the workplace, please keep the air fresh and regularly disinfect public goods.

5) It’s necessary to keep a certain distance from each other.