iPhone 11 pro transparent silicone case to protect your iPhone well

2020, March 10

How to protect your expensive iPhone 11 pro well, except for the tempered glass screen protector, the phone back case is of equal importance. So weaccessory.com team bring the thin silicone case to every loyal Apple’s fan. The magnificent transparent case of the iPhone 11 pro is clearly visible and at the same time reliably protected. The material of this iPhone back case is very thin, light and comfortable, as it is made of transparent polycarbonate and flexible polyurethane. And strong material is used for the back panel, and softer and more flexible on the sides, so that the back cover fits snugly to the buttons and the case. Besides, you do not need to remove the case when wireless charging - just put your iPhone on a QI-style charger. Meanwhile, a special coating prevents scratches on the outer and inner surfaces of the case. Materials and coatings do not turn yellow over time. At last but not the least, this clear silicone case was thoroughly tested for several thousand hours - at all stages of design and production. As a result, it not only looks great, but also perfectly protects the iPhone from scratches and damage when dropped.


Most important, the transparent iPhone silicone case is designed for those who don't want to hide the sleek design of the iPhone 11 pro! The completely transparent, flexible and durable silicone case will provide your smartphone with a truly high degree of protection. Weaccessory.com team also pay attention to make the case do not leave fingerprints on itself, it looks concise and stylish, but at the same time, a reliable ultra slim 0.3mm case will practically not add volume to your smartphone.


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