How the privacy tempered glass works to protect your personal data from onlookers

2020, June 29

When you have to work from the phone, need to pull private information, frequent condensed public areas or travels and need privacy from outside eyes, no worry, team launched the anti-spy tempered glass prevent your screen content and any confidential information from any unwanted onlookers. How it works?


1) The privacy screen protector is designed that glass is optically clear when looking directly at the screen straight on, but darkens as you angle the phone from either the left or the the right.Visibility starts to limit when the device angles past 45 degrees in either direction, blocking visibility from neighboring parties. it is only effective when in vertical mode.

2) Meanwhile, the privacy tempered glass is made of 9H hardness chemically strengthened tempered glass, high durable to increases shock absorbency, protecting your screen from scratches and drops

3) This screen protector offers smart protective coverage for your device, enhancing compatibility with all cases, prevent bubbles and peeling edges.

4) Simple installation, quick and bubble-free, no glue residue when removed.

5) Oleophobic coating is smudge-proof and fingerprint resistant to keep your screen crystal clear and your enjoyability at a maximum.


Warm tip: the anti-spy screen protector is the glass product, please note that the edges of the glass are the most vulnerable areas. We highly recommend that you use a case along with your screen protector to avoid chipping or cracking its edges.


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