Mobile Phone Accessories Market Increase Rapidly

2021, February 03

Right now, Mobile Phone is the most important partner for everyone in daily life. There are about 12 billion mobile phones used accordingly in the world. Mobile phone accessories market is also soared accordingly.


According to a authoritative report by Allied marketing research, "Mobile Phone Accessories Market by Product Type, channel and Price Range: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019–2026," the worldside mobile phone accessories market size was valued at $224.69 billion in 2018, and is projected to succeed in at $284.06 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of three 1% from 2019 to 2026

Mobile phone Accessories plays a crucial role in modern-day
 to day life. People take many mobile accessories that enhance the functionality of the equipment also as protect the phone from damage. For example, wireless accessories Rise in demand since 2015, such as, wireless bluetooth, wireless charger, etc. Beside this, many features with the advancement of technology like AI and IoT makes way for hyper connectivity and intelligence within the electronic devices. This has promoted the utilization of wireless mobile accessories like smart wearable, smart speakers, and wireless headsets & earphones, among others

Many mobile phone accessories are connected to the smartphones through cords or through wireless technologies. These devices allow users to access information on their smart phones through these devices. Such as, smart watches connected to the smartphones provide access to messages, calls, and other functionalities of smartphones just from the wrist of the user on which it's tied upon. Apple watch, Samsung Watch, Huawei Watch, Xiaomi Watch and other brands smart watch is the highly popular by consumers. Other smart wearable device is highly welcomed. Huawei band, Xiaomi bands, etc.


Headphone dominated the mobile accessories market in 2019. Apple wireless earphone is high popular. Various design earbuds are available in the market. It’s convenient to connect the mobile phone by wireless connection. Thanks to the usage of portability, comfort level for its use, ability to attach to the smartphones over Bluetooth, almost each young people has earbuds. It can be used when walking, jogging, commuting, etc.  Apple company, JBL, Bose are the major role of in this industry.


iPhone 12 is the most powerful mobile phone in 2020. it support wireless charging. The megasafe charger is also much popular since it launched. Various iphone 12  accessories which support megasafe is highly liked by consumers, Megasafe iphone 12 case, iphone 12 megasafe wireless charger, etc.

Online platforms are convenient and became the well-liked medium for purchasing mobile accessories among consumers. Companies are using online channel to popularize to their product. These are available due to globally developed e-commerce industry. This factor encourages many new market entrants to launch their own e-commerce sites. No matter Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other small companies, they pay much attention to the online platform.  


China play the important role in the mobile phone accessories industry. About 70%-80% mobile phone accessories suppliers and manufacturers are from China.

Many China mobile accessories brands are welcomed in the world, such as, Huawei and Xiaomi smart wearable device. For the regular consumer electronics, such as, phone case, screen protector, usb cable, charger, headphone, speaker, earphone, About 85% is produced by China manufacturers.

Shenzhen is the largest consumer electronics producing city in China, which supply about 60-70% mobile phone accessories in China. Shenzhen Western Electronic Co., ltd, it’s one of famous mobile phone accessories suppliers in Shenzhen. We wholesale various mobile phone accessories, such as, phone case, screen protector, USB Cable, charger, earphone, etc. With more the 10 years experience in this field, we make sure the quality can meet all customers’ requirement. Welcome to contact us.

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