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Types of Screen Protectors You Can Buy at Wholesale Rates


If you are planning to start selling smartphone screen protectors then you’re probably looking for a screen protector wholesale supplier. But do you know exactly what screen protectors you plan on selling? This popular phone accessory actually comes in different types. Before you go and buy them from a wholesaler, make sure you understand the differences and distinct benefits of each type so you can better guide your customers to making the right choice!

 Plastic Protectors (TPU or PET)

Plastic screen protectors are some of the most common types available today. They can be made of either polyethylene terephthalate or thermoplastic polyurethane. You can easily distinguish them from others because they are thin, about 1mm thick. PET appears smooth while TPU protectors are rubbery.

‘Hydrogel’is a subcategory of plastic protectors. Like PET or TPU, it is also thin but a little bit thinner and softer. Hydrogel protectors are flexible and have they call ‘healing’ features. Even if the surface is scratched, the scratch ‘heals’ and won’t be visible. What’s more, hydrogel protectors easily go edge to edge, providing full-screen protection.

Tempered Glass

Most screen protector wholesale suppliers manufacture tempered glass protectors because these have become the most popular type in the market. High-quality tempered glass has excellent impact resistance properties, so it is able to protect the screen in case of accidental drops. Another reason why tempered glass is more preferred to plastic protectors is that it looks and feels similar to smartphone screens. It’s a minimalist way to protect the phone.

Liquid Screen Protector (Nano Liquid)

This type of screen protector may look odd at first but can be very effective in protecting smartphone screens. As its name implies, this protector comes in liquid form. It has to be applied as droplets and then spread across the screen using a microfiber cloth. You will see the full effect 24 to 48 hours after application. Unlike the first two types, this one cannot be removed. It will simply wear off over time.

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