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Top iPhone 14 Transparent Cases To Purchase At We Accessory

The iPhone 14 series is finally here! When we hear it, we are reminded of the lovely glass sandwich design with the lovely metal finish sides. Apple’s iPhone 14 series has a captivating appearance. There’s no denying that Apple goods are designed to catch people’s attention. When you acquire such magnificent designs, concealing them behind such opaque covers is a crime.

Do you see where this is going? Here are some incredible transparent covers for the iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max that will show off the elegance of your new iPhone. Let’s round out this handcrafted beauty with iPhone 14 transparent cases that can increase the safety and durability of your iPhone.

iPhone 14 transparent cases

→ Wholesale iPhone Accessories China iPhone 14 Case transparent shaterproof case 1.5mm

A transparent cover not only protects your phone but also allows you to glimpse its gorgeous color. Looking for a cover to protect the sides and back of your smartphone? This 1.5mm clear shatterproof cover is ideal for protecting your device’s shell from scratches, grime, and dents. Because the screen is unprotected, apply a screen protector.

Plastic works well in a variety of forms. Because it is also constructed of plastic, this case fits your iPhone 14 like a glove. When your phone is in Shatterproof TPU Back Cover Transparent Apple iPhone 14, he is adequately protected. The TPU also makes the case exceptionally durable.

Ø What are the benefits of the iPhone 14 shatterproof clear case?

⇒ Fits tightly over the volume controls and has a perfect cutout for the iPhone 14.

⇒ Transparent iPhone 14 covers with TPU back and sides. Elastic material is firm and flexible, does not distort, and is anti-yellowing.

⇒ Clear iPhone 14 1.5mm covers Imitation airbag design in four corners, the phone drops play a vital role in efficiently relieving impact, providing truly complete protection.

⇒ Because the incision is higher than the display screen and camera, the phone is properly protected from scratches. To safeguard the genuine machine button, use a stereoscopic button that is not effect sensitive.

⇒ Making the mold using the machine’s size measurement. All ports and connectors are easily accessible without removing the casing if the cutouts are properly positioned.

Ø Features of the iPhone 14 transparent 1.5mm shatterproof case:

⇒ The Smooth silicone layer is made of superior soft silicone like TPU material and feels very soft in the hand.

⇒ Slim-fitting and lightweight design.

⇒ Keep your phone clean and free of dust and scrapes.

⇒ Provides a high-end appearance.

⇒ All buttons and ports have precise cutouts.

→ Mobile Phone Accessories Wholesale China Premium iPhone 14 Clear Case 1.5mm 

Ø Premium transparent soft TPU 1.5mm case specifications:

iPhone 14 Precise Cut-out 1.5mm Transparent Soft TPU Cell Phone Case Cover. This iPhone 14 Clear Case comprises high-quality TPU material with excellent shock absorption and impact resistance. A simple design that allows you to appreciate the inherent beauty of your new iPhone 14. Frame bumper case for all-around protection. All ports are completely exposed and ready for usage. A higher lip protects the rear camera. Simple to install and uninstall.

Ø Product specifications for the iPhone 14 clear TPU case:

⇒ With this design protection Case, you can safeguard your phone in style.

⇒ Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind design.

⇒ A simple, snap-on perfect fit cover secures your phone.

⇒ Provides maximum scratch and chip resistance.

⇒ Precise apertures in the protective case provide access to all phone functions and capabilities.

⇒ Distinctive design and exceptional quality.

⇒This case comprises high-quality, flexible silicon with a long-lasting rear panel.

⇒ Raised bezels elevate the camera from flat surfaces.

⇒ Pronounced buttons are simple to feel and press, and big cutouts accommodate most cords.

⇒ The Grip Case includes accurate cutting for each camera, port, charging point, and dust plug to improve quality and longevity.

⇒ The Back cover is made of sturdy material and has a sleek design that prevents the cover from becoming yellow quickly.

→ Wholesale iPhone 14 Magsafe Transparent Case shockproof clear case with Magsafe

Ø Product specifications for the iPhone 14 Magsafe Transparent Case:

Extreme Protection: The Magsafe Transparent Case protects your phone from everyday drops and impacts while not adding bulk to your case. Wireless charging is faster and easier than ever thanks to secure iPhone 14 case China which is compatible with all Magsafe accessories and properly aligned magnets. 38 extra strong magnets increase adsorption force, ensuring that your phone immediately adheres to the Magsafe charger or magnetic vehicle mount for fast charging. It charges at the fastest and most steady rate possible, with no signal interference. iPhone 14 case is composed of modern PC and TPU materials, coated in a superior anti-scratch and anti-yellowing layer that efficiently prevents the yellowing of the iPhone 14 phone cover. Plus, the phone cover is scratch resistant and simple to clean.

 iPhone 14 case China

Ø Magsafe iPhone 14 transparent cover specifications

1. Protection Against Drops and Shocks

The transparent cover protects your phone from ordinary spills and bumps without adding bulk: the polycarbonate backplate is small but solid, preventing harmful twists when your phone strikes the ground.

2. Our thinnest case to date

The case is compatible with MagSafe compatible accessories or protection by combining a clever magnet design and ultra-thin, ultra-protective materials.

3. Crystal Clear Structure

The transparent case is designed to remain clear, allowing you to show off your phone’s design via the clear backplate – we use polycarbonate because it does not react to UV rays, so the back of your clear case will not yellow over time.

4. Intricate Magnet Design

Our magnets have been placed into a shallow groove between the layers of the casing to minimize material between the magnetic array and magnetic add-ons, assuring a powerful connection to your accessories.

5. Extreme Drop Testing 

We put our Magsafe transparent iPhone 14 covers through rigorous testing that goes well beyond what you’re likely to subject your case to. This provides you complete trust in the case for day-to-day use – no matter what your day-to-day looks like!


The design language of the iPhone is one of the most attractive and visually excellent in every way. You want to glance at it whenever you take it out of your pocket. Take your pick from any of these high-quality iPhone 14 transparent cases for your iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro max and have a fantastic experience. To learn more, visit us at We Accessory!