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Tips to Choose the Best iPhone Screen Protector

Your iPhone costs a fortune and it may be a while before you can afford another one. So do you really want to risk it by leaving it unprotected?


iPhone X is a delicate smartphone that is not break-resistant in case it falls off your hand. But with so many screen protectors out there and so many to choose from, how do you know which iPhone X Full Screen Protector is the best? Don’t worry! This article will share some interesting tips to help you choose just the right one!


Ask about the screen protector’s composition


This is where you should look into specifics. Even though most screen protectors look the same, they are not always made from the same material. For instance, a glass based screen protector is not the same as hybrid protector, even though they may appear the same. The hybrid protector is made from carbon fiber glass that is glued to the rest of the protector. However, this is not such a good option for your phone because when the glue wears off, the screen portion might start peeling off. On the other hand, a full-glassed tempered glass protector is made from quality material that will provide ample protection to your expensive smartphone.


Smooth coating


The screen protector’s smooth coating is directly linked to its quality. So if you buy a low-cost screen protector, then be prepared for a low quality coating. The higher the price of the screen protector, the better will be the coating. But why is it important to have a high quality screen coating? A fine quality glass based tempered glass will have better coating that will not leave behind pesky fingerprints or water stains.


Don’t buy too skinny or shiny protectors


Needless to say, a thick screen protector will be more durable and last longer than a slim one. A thin protector may feel nice but is only one drop away from being cracked, not to mention there is always a possibility of breaking the screen with it. So when you are looking for an iPhone X screen protector, don’t shy away from spending a little extra and buy one that is at least 0.3mm thick. It will not only be sturdier but also feel nice to touch.


The look and feel


Don’t choose an ugly looking tempered glass for your iPhone. Even though its main purpose is to protect your screen, you don’t want it to look like an eye sore for your phone. This is the reason why you should choose full coverage. It wont leave your edges exposed and provide ultimate protection to your smartphone.


Glass clarity


Last but not the least, your screen protector will not be any good if the glass quality is poor. It should be clear and allow unobstructed view of the screen below. Quality protectors provide 99% transparency. Anything less than that will only make your screen look bad.

Make sure you test the screen protectors against these parameters to ensure that you buy the best one.