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iPhone Xs

6 Popular Accessories Every iPhone Xs Owner Must Have

The iPhone Xs is a pricey smartphone that requires a few handy accessories to make the most of the investment. To a smart cell phone accessories store owner, understanding some popular accessories for iPhone Xs is a smart idea. Stocking these accessories to meet special demand and different customer requirements will give you good returns on investment. Here’s a list of 6 popular accessories every iPhone Xs owner must have.

Wireless Headphones

Today, smartphone owners enjoy playing their favorite playlists on their phone. Therefore, it’s a nice idea to own a cool pair of Bluetooth headphones will rev up their hands-free calling experience. ensure to stock some quality Airpods that customers can use on their iPhone Xs. These eliminate the hassle of dealing with messy wires.

Screen protector

This is the first line of defense for the customer’s pricey smartphone. Stock some quality tempered glass screen protectors to shield customers’ iPhones from accidental damage. Quality screen protectors offer an essential line of defense to the touchscreen. The phone display is very vulnerable and requires the utmost care to protect it from irreparable damage. Find a quality supplier for durable and anti-shatter screen protectors. These should have a coating to lessen smidge and grime.

Protective cases

This is another accessory to offer security to the customers’ prized iPhone Xs. Customers might not have butterfingers but their phones are prone to accidental drops occasionally.

Therefore, a customer would appreciate investing in a quality iPhone Xs magnetic case to keep their pricey phone safe. Apple claims to include highly durable glass in their products but it pays not to take things for granted. Phone glass is prone to impact and scratches, so keeping the iPhone Xs shielded against such hazards is strongly recommended.

No customer would like to take chances with their pricey possession. Occasional slip ups of any smartphone are inevitable. The best way to safeguard the phone is by giving it a protective case. Ensure to stock a range of impact resistant cases that aren’t bulky. These should offer an incredible balance between protection and slimness. This will give customers a chance to flaunt their price smartphone without worry about damage.

Power banks

To meet the needs of customers who are always on the move, a power bank is an indispensable asset. Such customers will willingly invest in a power bank to give them extra juice when on the move. Keep in mind that accessing wall chargers might not be possible at some parts of the travel. Ensure to stock some quality power banks with about 30,000mAh or above. This will give frequent travelers plenty of extra charge to use their device without worry about draining the battery.

Wireless chargers

Customers will welcome an opportunity to embrace this new age charging technology. Stock up some wireless chargers to give iPhone Xs owners an opportunity to charge their device wirelessly. This is very convenient and efficient. And, iPhone owners will appreciate the chance to just drop their device on a power mat and see the phone charging. It eliminates the hassle of looking for the charging cable and plugging it in. Stock up these wireless chargers to give customers an opportunity to make the most of this new age charging technology.

Wireless car mount chargers

Finally, this is another handy accessory to give customers a chance to keep their prized phone powered up hands-free. A phone holder is very helpful for customers who use navigation apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps for convenience while driving. The holder will keep the phone steady while offering multiple viewing angles. Stock up some magnetic car mounts for their easy installation and incredibly straightforward removal.

A wireless car charger enormously helps to power the phone securely while driving. This is a handy accessory for customers who enjoy taking long drives. The charger will ensure that the phone is powered up all the way through. Ensure to stock up car mounts and chargers that will offer your customers more bang for their money.

Final thought

With the growing demand for iPhone Xs, it’s a wonderful idea to know the most popular accessories that appeal to owners of that phone model. Fortunately, a reliable and reputable distributor will have a range of accessories to ensure you get whatever you want from the same place.