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5 Top Smartphone Accessories in 2021


Are you planning to open your own smartphone accessories store? Then you’re probably looking for suppliers of phone accessories wholesale in China. The key is to find a leading manufacturer that can offer you a wide range of products. Make sure that they can supply you with these five best-selling accessories:


  1. Power banks


While the battery capacities of new smartphones have improved, they still don’t last long enough for most users, especially those who run battery-draining apps all day. That’s why power banks and other types of portable chargers continue to be high in demand. These portable power sources allow smartphone users to stay connected and productive while on the go.


  1. Wireless earphones


Wireless earphones have become popular phone accessories and you can get them wholesale in China for your store. These wireless accessories allow users to listen to their favorite music while exercising, dancing, or actively doing any task without their movements being restricted by cables or wires.


  1. Gaming controllers


It’s not surprising that game controllers are also among the top phone accessories you can get wholesale in China. With so many mobile gaming aficionados, these accessories are sure to sell. Gaming controllers make it easier and more fun to play mobile games.


  1. Cases and screen protectors


People who own high-end phones want to buy accessories to protect their investments against scratches and keep them intact in case they fall. Many customers also purchase different phone cases so they can change the look of their smartphones depending on their mood, or to match their outfits. And because the screens of phones are fragile and sensitive, screen protectors are high in demand.


  1. Camera lens attachments


Smartphones these days can take great pictures. But why do people still buy camera lens attachments? To make their photos stand out from the crowd, of course. With these simple attachments, they can take pictures that appear more professional and Instagram-worthy. Camera lenses come in different types, including wide-angle, telephoto, macro, and fisheye. Work with the right supplier


Be sure to work with a reliable supplier that offers phone accessories wholesale in China. Some of the best suppliers offer original design manufacturing or ODM services. Also known as ‘private labeling,’ this service lets you select a product design from their factory catalog and make a few changes to it, and then sell it under your own brand name.


It’s also important to work with a supplier that has a solid quality control system. Some of the best suppliers test their products at least six times throughout the production and shipping processes. They offer warranties and after-sales support, too