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Wholesalers – China is the #1 Source of iPhone Accessories for Wholesalers


As per a study in 2019, the global phone accessories market is valued at more than $200 billion, out of which iPhone accessories have a substantial share. And that’s why selling phone accessories is a very profitable and lucrative business. But to run this business and succeed in it, you need to have the right & trusted supplier who can fulfill your needs as per market demand and supply as per your budget and maintain quality.


That’s why business people from all over the world are interested in China. This is because China can provide a large quantity of quality material at a lower price than other parts of the world. The quality is good while the prices are reasonable. That is why most of the world looks upon China when it comes to iPhone accessories for wholesalers!


Why should we buy iPhone accessories from China wholesale?


As per recent studies, more than a billion people worldwide are using iPhone products, and more than 5 billion people own mobile phones. That’s why mobile accessory is a multibillion-dollar industry, which is still growing. China is at the forefront of this industry because it boasts of one of the biggest manufacturing facilities in the world. Therefore, nobody can provide iPhone accessories at the price, quality, and variety that China can deal in. In China, numerous wholesalers are available both online and offline. The main features of reputed Chinese wholesalers are mentioned below:


  • They are hugely experienced and boast of more than 1.5 million customers
  • They have no minimum order clause
  • They offer bulk discounts and global shipping
  • They offer 24/7 customer support
  • Some of them have warehouses in Europe, UK, and the USA
  • Due to their reputation in the market, they have tie-ups with all courier companies, and because of which they can provide low shipping options.


China is miles ahead in terms of iPhone accessories business compared to other countries due to the above-mentioned reasons. In addition, many companies in China are providing quality products at reasonable prices, helping their partners to grow and, in return, reap the rewards for themselves in terms of money and reputation.  Weaccessory.com in China is one of the companies that are offering all of these! You may get in touch with Weaccessory.com via email or phone for any queries or price quotations for iPhone accessories in bulk.