Do you have samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge 3D full cover tempered glass screen protector?Amy 2016-04-07

samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge launched in Feb 22. it is samsung flagship cell phone, it is much popular, right now. we also have samsung s7 and s7 edge 3D ful cover tempered glas screen protector, it is newest 3D curved edge design, full protection for your samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge. Sunny

Do you have newest iphone-iphone 5SE tempered glass?Sammie 2016-03-10

the newest iphone-iphone 5SE will release on March 21th. we have got the accurate data for the size. So, we have the iphone 5SE tempered glass screen protector now, and also make sure the size of tempered glass fit the screen perfectly. Welcome to inquiry and order iPhone 5SE tempered glass screen protector! Thank you.Jenny

Do you have samsung galaxy s7 tempered glass?Adam 2016-03-06

samsung galaxy s7 is launched on MWC 2016. we have the screen protector after it launched. we make the screen protector according to accurate data and make sure the size is no problem. Right now, many customers order these screen protector before samsung galaxy s7 come into the market.Jenny

what is samsung galaxy s6 edge 3D tempered glass?Ribbie 2016-03-04

As you know, samsung galaxy s6 edge is not flat screen, the screen is curved. So, the normal tempered glass cant cover whole screen. So, you need 3D tempered glass. 3D tempered glass is not flat, it is curved edge, cover full the screen, protect your s6 edge screen perfectly. Sunny

what is the best iphone case?Michael 2015-11-13

1. it perfect fit your iphone size. 2. it is light and convenient to use it. such as there are cutout for all buttons and ports. 3. the thickness is moderate. if it is too thin, it cant protect your phone perfectly. if it is too thick, the touch feeling is not good. 4. the design should be good. it looks nice. 5. Durable and long time protection. the color never fade. Sunny