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We have samsung galaxy s6 screen protector and case

Samsung galaxy s6 launched in Mar 2 and will push into market on April 10th. there are too much discussion for the samsung galaxy s6, so, samsung galaxy s6 accessories will be popular in near future, such as samsung galaxy s6 case, samsung galaxy s6 screen protector. 

As a leading manufacturer of cell phone accessories in China, we got the correct size information of samsung galaxy s6 after launched. So, right now, we have manufactured large quantity of samsung galaxy s6 accessories after March 2, such as samsung galaxy s6 screen protector, samsung galaxy s6 case. we assure the size is 100% correct, and now already had delivered large quantity to many customer all over the world. 

Pls dont worry about the size problem, if any quality problem, we will compensate you NEW ones. Welcome customers to order Samsung galaxy s6 case and screen protector.