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China factory wholesale 9H hardness for samsung galaxy note 2 tempered glass screen protector

1.High transparency tempered glass screen protector, up to 99%

2.The tempered glass proteciton screen border round angle for anti-chip.

3.Oleophobic Coating:A.F(Anti-Fingerprint)coated layer for resistance against smudges and fingerprints.

4.Surface hardness:8-9H

5.Slim Chemical treatment processed tempered glass, no easy to broken(Thickness 0.33mm)

6.A.S.F:Anti-shattered tempered glass film(highly adhedive silicon coated)

7.Advanced silicon adhesives, no air bubble, without any air buble when peeled off

8.Highly sensive touch screen protector

1. Scratching / Crease Visual inspection Face up to items (hold it 20 cm away), it allows slight scratching and creasing but it can not hurts using layer.
2. Impurity / Smudginess Visual inspection it allows 10 pcs impurity of within ? 0.5mm, but its gap need to above 50mm Not obvious
3. Scratching/Fisheye Visual inspection
it allows slight fisheye and scratching like slight rain. And works normal.
4. Stripe Visual inspection
it allows a slight strip (without a obvious strip in the gap of 100mm)
  Rainbow stripe Visual inspection
The rainbow stripe is not obvious in the nature light (in the gap of 20 cm)
5. Anti-scratching B3 pencil Scratching to and fro with 20 times, and allow slight mark.
6. Transparency transmitivity test apparatus The transparency has to be 99% above.
7. Material bending calipers
Test it whether distorted or not after material film molded. It allows the height of arch within 2mm on the base of 80mm width.
8. Stickness Mobilescreen High speed of emptying air. Hole site and fringe could stick firmly easily. It allows little air left
9. Release degree label it is good at releasing if it is easy to tear off after material film is shaped
10. Size Calipers/ tap
the length of the whole material. Tear off other two layer film and measure the thickness of the using layer and the standard is 0.125cm0.05
11. Evenness of pattern by both sides of whole material Glass The rim mold keeps to stick to glass firmly after 30 mins.


1 .8-9H hardness, high strength scratch, much higher than the ordinary film 3H hardness refused to screen scratches, tests have shown that under normal conditions of use, to ensure that 3 years will not be scratched;

2.High-definition: the optical grade transmittance, low reflection, high through high-definition;

3.anti fingerprint: the surface of the polymer greatly improve anti the fingerprint processing fingerprint inhibition compared with ordinary protective film (Note: 100% of the current technical conditions, anti-fingerprint is impossible, tempered glass HD film can maximize the effect of the anti-fingerprint);

4.Touch smooth: the elimination of ordinary film a sense of touch jerky feel smoother operation more fluent;

5. responsive: Although the thickness of 3 times that of the ordinary film, but the use of the touch response speed is more excellent.
About the delivery:
1. shipping methods:EMS,DHL,TNT,UPS,Aairmail 
2. The shipping cost discount and delivery day depends on the buyers area 
3. Any transportation problem happens in China, we will take full responsibility
4. lead time:1-2 business days for sample,3-7day for wholesale
5. delivery time:3-7 business days,up to different countries.
1.PAYPAL ( you need pay extra paypal transfer fee)
2.Western Union ---WU ( you dont need pay me bank transfer )


detail picture for samsung galaxy note 2 tempered glass screen protector:

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